(R1) Nogawa River 野川

Here’s the Nogawa River 野川:

Nogawa River Tokyo map

It’s a somewhat unique river in Tokyo because much of the riverbed is covered in grass, with well-worn walking paths. This is a contrast to the many Tokyo rivers with steep concrete walls that prevent people from walking in the river.

Nogawa River 野川 details:

  • Water system: Tamagawa river system
  • Length: ~ 20.5 km

Here’s a view of the river near Chofu airport:

Anpanman taking  rest:

The river at dusk:

A bridge in Kokubunji, in the western section of the river:

Nogawa River Kokubunji Tokyo bridge sign

Here’s a nice stretch:

And here, the riverbed littered with cherry blossoms:

Here’s a view from the riverbed:

Areas of interest along the way
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