(R2) Sengawa (Senkawa) River 仙川

How do you pronounce 仙川? Sengawa or Senkawa? I’ve seen both. The kanji is 仙川, not 千川, though there is a 千川駅 (Senkawa Station – Yurakucho line) in Toshima-ku. Our river is serviced by Sengawa Station 仙川駅 on the Keio line.

There are two parts to the river:

1) Upper section (artificial river section) 上流側(人工河川部) 

This is the river’s source, in the upper section (map)

Senkawa Tokyo river start source

A nice green stretch of the river (map):

Senkawa Tokyo western bare trees

Metal beams bracing the river’s walls and some snow (map). Plus a river sign:

2) Lower Section (natural river section) 下流側(天然河川部)

This is the start of the lower, natural section of the river (map):

Senkawa Tokyo lower section river sign

After WW2 the Senkawa was subject to significant “improvements”. You can see the change in photos from 1945/50 and 1961/64:

Some pics of the river:

Points of interest:

Toho Studios 東宝株式会社 (map) and its lovely Godzilla statue.

Seujo Corty 成城コルティ shopping center, connected to Seijogakuen-Mae Station 成城学園前駅 (and the nearby Senkawa river at dusk)

A self-drawn map of a sanpo, including the Toho Godzilla statue, Sou Fujimoto’s House H, and Sakurashinmachi.

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