(R4) Zenpukujigawa river 善福寺川

The Zenpukujigawa river 善福寺川(ぜんぷくじがわ) is a personal favorite: lush, quiet, and slightly wild, though not as wild as when it regularly flooded the surrounding area. The river has since been “tamed”, being placed in the cement walls typical of Tokyo rivers. But sections of the river are lined by parks, giving the river a tranquil atmosphere not found in some other Tokyo rivers.

  • River source: Zenpukuji pond 善福寺池 (map)
  • End: confluence with the Kandagawa (map)
  • Length: ~10.5 to 11.0 km
  • Location: the southern portion of Suginami 杉並区, Tokyo



  • 和田堀公園 Wadaborikōen / Wadabori koen / Wadabori Park (map); shown below is a baseball field that also doubles as flood overflow storage.

  • Suginami Municipal Museum 杉並区立郷土博物館 (website) (map)

Maps (the “You are here” is centered here: Google Maps):

  • Zenpukujigawa River Green Area Administration Office in Tokyo 東京都善福寺川緑地管理所
  • Zenpukujigawa River jogging course guide map 善福寺川ジョギングコース案内図

Photos from the river:




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