(R10) Nomikawa River 呑川

The Nomikawa 呑川 (or Nomigawa) (のみかわ or のみがわ) goes through a series of transformations between its upper reaches and its final destination in Tokyo Bay.

Nomikawa river map:


An upper section of the river is hidden underground, followed by a lush “green road”, which is a trickle of water and a lush line of tress:

The “real” river emerges near Midorigaoka Station 緑が丘駅 (map) and the Ookayama campus of Tokyo Tech, home of the Environmental Energy Innovation Building 環境エネルギーイノベーション棟 (Green Hills Building 1) グリーンヒルズ1号館, which boasts 4,570 solar panels.

The last stretch of the river is almost perfectly straight, from west to east. The original course of the river branched northeast, though that has since been filled-in (see Old course of the Nomikawa 呑川).

I first crossed this section of the river while walking from Shimbashi to Haneda Airport.

River sign:




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