(R8) Uchikawa River 内川 (Ota-ku)

The Uchikawa 内川(うちかわ) in Ota-ku is quite short, just 1.55 km, and considered a “secondary river” 二級河川. The source of the river is Magome / Kita-Magome 馬込 / 北馬込, which reaches the Uchikawa by a series of underground culverts and tunnels.

The river surfaces when it intersects with the Tokaido Main Line tracks (map):


The Uchikawa drains into Tokyo Bay 東京湾 near Omori Furusato-no-hamabe koen (beach park) 大森ふるさとの浜辺公園  (map).


River sign:




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