(R16) Tachiaigawa 立会川

The Tachiaigawa river 立会川 (たちあいがわ) is part above-ground and part below-ground. I previously wrote about the underground portion in a previous post: Walking on water: the underground rivers of Tokyo 東京の地下河川や運河の地図

The first example in that post was the Tachiaigawa green road 立会川緑道 in Meguro-ku. Here are a few images of the promenade that follows an underground portion of the river:


And an old map of the river, before it was put in an underground culvert:

The visible part of the river only surfaces in the last 10% of the river’s length. It surfaces here: Google maps

The river and nearby shotengai shopping street:

River sign: 立会川

See also:


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