(R14) Marukogawa river 丸子川

START: The Marukogawa 丸子川 (まるこがわ), in Setagaya-ku, originates at the Maruko River Water Park丸子川親水公園, near the Sengawa (map). The water actually starts further upstream, near Okura Park  大蔵公園, but that section is completely underground. For entries about the river’s source, see: 丸子川の上流部・源流1 and 丸子川の上流部・源流2)

FINISH: Defining the”end” of this river is somewhat complicated, as the stream is man-made, having been built as part of the Rokugo yosui 六郷用水 canal system, which splinters into many sub-streams further downstream. Today, the river appears to terminate near Tamagawa station and Denenchofu, where some/ much/ all of the water drains into the Tamagawa River. This is close to the Tamagawa fishing pool, which I’ve recommended before.

Tamagawa fishing pool, Tamagawadai Park 多摩川台公園:


A section of the Marukogawa is memorable for its small bridges that lead to private residences. (Here, for example)

The river is narrow and its walls are lined with stones. A nice example of this can be found HERE. Unfortunately, this stretch of road is somewhat dangerous for pedestrians; there is no sidewalk and the cars move rather quickly. Let the scars of this telephone pole provide some warning:

Marukogawa river signs:

  • (1) near Okamoto-shimoyamasho Ryokuchi Park 岡本下山小緑地 (map)
  • (2) along the stretch of road with private bridges; it says みなの川 mina-no-kawa, ‘everybody’s river’
  • (3) downstream sign (map)
  • (4) near Tamagawasengen Shrine 多摩川浅間神社 (map)



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