(R13) Shakujii-gawa 石神井川

River: 石神井川 Shakujii-gawa  しゃくじいがわ

  • Water system: Arakawa
  • Source: Koganei Golf Course 小金井ゴルフ場 (map)
  • Length: 25.2 km

Areas of interest:

  • Oji (and nearby Asukayam park and people mover…)
  • Arakawa streetcar
  • Nakai station
  • Near Tokiwadai, an old planned village
  • Shitanoyaiseki Park 下野谷遺跡公園: Jomon Period archaeological site with a recreation of a pit-dwelling frame 竪穴住居の骨格.
  • Fujimi pond 富士見池

Many parts of the river have undergone river straightening, as seen in this series of aerial photos:

  • 1945-50: meandering
  • 1961-64: straightened
  • 1974-78: Toei Kamishakujii Apartments (many danchi were built on reclaimed land or the former path of rivers).



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