(R17) Three Narita rivers: Nekonagawa 根木名川, Araumigawa 荒海川, Kobashigawa 小橋川

Three related rivers, near Narita Airport, that eventually flow into the Tonegawa River 利根川:

  • Nekonagawa 根木名川: flows north towards the Tonegawa river
  • Araumigawa 荒海川: flows from east to west and joins the Nekonagawa
  • Kobashigawa 小橋川: flows north and joins the Nekonagawa

The rivers appear on the following two maps (source 1). Nearby is Narita Airport and the important Inba Numa, a former swamp that was “tamed”. It now comprises Lake Inba-numa North 北印旛沼 and Lake Inba-numa West 西印旛沼.

Nekonagawa 根木名川 (Nekona River)

  • Originates near here (map), and flows north into the Tonegawa River
  • Length: 16.2 km (10.07 miles)
  • Wikipedia entry 根木名川
  • River improvement project: 「根木名川ふるさと川づくり事業」

Araumigawa 荒海川 (Araumi River)

  • The name ‘Araumi’ means ‘rough ocean’ or ‘rough seas’
  • Originates near here (map), and flows to the west, merging into the Nekonagawa River
  • Length: 4.58 km (2.85 miles)
  • Wikipedia entry: 荒海川_(千葉県)
  • Nearby train stations: Kuzumi Station 久住駅

Kobashigawa 小橋川 (Kobashi River)

  • Originates here (map) and flows north, where it merges into the Nekonagawa; at the confluence of the two rivers is Nekonagawa Water Park 根木名川親水公園 (map)
  • Length: 4.76 km (2.96 miles)
  • Nearby train stations: Narita Station 成田駅, Keisei-Narita Station 京成成田駅, and Narita Yukawa Station 成田湯川駅
  • The river appears fairly dry, and is likely only full of water after heavy rains.



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