(C1) Nikaryousui Canal, Kawasaki 二ヶ領用水 / 二ヶ領本川

OK, it’s not in Tokyo, but it’s a tributary of the Tamagawa river, and it has some beautiful walking paths, so I’m including it in this blog. It’s the Nikaryousui Canal 二ヶ領用水 in Kawasaki, pronounced にかりょうようすい. It’s also referred to as 二ヶ領本川, Nikaryou River, pronounced にかりょうほんせん, which can be seen on this sign (source):


Here’s a map of the canal/river, which runs almost parallel to the Tamagawa River, to its south.

Nikaryousui Canal River Kawasaki Tamagawa map

I first came across this river during a walk near Noborito station, and wrote about it here:  Path in Kawasaki under the bridge: Nikaryou yousui 二ヶ領用水 (にかりょうようすい) – seen here: the Nambu Line 南武線:

Here are some views of the canal, near here: map.

Nikaryousui Canal walking map 二ヶ領用水散策マップ (source)

Kawasaki tourism brochure:

In addition to the Nikaryo Yosui Canal, includes the Egawa Seseragi Boardwalk and Higashi-Takane Forest Park.




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