(R7) Egotagawa 江古田川

The Egotagawa 江古田川(えごたがわ) is a short tributary of the Kandagawa (I’ve also seen it spelled Ekodagawa and Ekotagawa). In addition, the river also goes by the name 中新井川 (Nakaarai-gawa / Nakaarai river).

Egotagawa river details:

  • River system: Arakawa
  • Visible length: ~ 1.6 km
  • Source:  学田公園 Gakuden park (map)
  • End: confluence with the Myoshoji river (map)
  • Note: the river travels another 1.6 km underground from its source, before surfacing here: map; the underground section is a road with a median-strip of greenery; it is called Egotagawa  Green Road 江古田川緑道

In the map below, the underground porion of the river is in the west; the visible portion of the river is to the east:



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